MottoEnhance the Earth, Inspire the Spirit, and Nurture the Being.
Purpose: The PAAK Foundation provides educational and personal development programs through a variety of teaching modalities in various settings. The common purpose throughout all programs is to assist participants in becoming healthy, self-reliant, productive, responsible and ethical individuals, who will make a positive contribution to their family, their local community and the global community.

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Marshall Ho'o Center of Arizona Division
Executive Director and Lead Instructor of Two Fishes Swimming Tai Chi Chuan Academy: Ariel Owen-Gray.
Email Contact: Ariel Owen-Gray

Business Phone: 602-973-8693
Publisher of Wudang Warrior Magazine: Siglinde Goodson  

Email: Siglinde Goodson
Motto: We're here because we are here

Joined PAAK: 2001 (as Two Fishes Swimming)
Activities:  The Physical training arm of the Marshall Ho'o Center, Two Fishes Swimming T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy, improves the quality of life in the community by the benefits achieved through the structure and practice of Tai Chi Chuan. By improving the well-being of individuals, we can affect the surrounding community. 2FS has maintained ongoing classes in the Phoenix area since 1988.

The primary purpose of our publication arm, the Wudang Warrior Magazine, is to make Asian medicine and Chinese martial arts and philosophy accessible to the general public. In our articles we give special emphasis to self-help techniques. We wish to empower our readers to consider the study and practice of wellness through time-tested Asian methods. We do not feel that it is necessary to make a choice modern western techniques and ancient Chinese traditions but strongly believe in a combination of both for health, happiness and long life. We shall continue to support and promote the community of teachers and practitioners.








Updated 06-25-2012